Psychiatric Assessment in Remote Aboriginal Communities of Central Australia

Storm clouds brewing over parched landscape, on the way to Mutijulu. (ms_cover.jpg - 53685 Bytes)
Storm clouds brewing over parched landscape, on the way to Mutijulu.

Mark Sheldon
Senior Registrar in Psychiatry
Northern Territory Mental Health Services
Alice Springs NT
August 1997

A dissertation submitted in part fulfillment of the requirements of the Part 2 examination for the
Fellowship of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

Chapter 1 Literature Review
Chapter 2 Getting There
Chapter 3 Referrals
Chapter 4 Working with People
Chapter 5 Interview Setting
Chapter 6 Interview Techniques
Chapter 7 Sensitive Areas
Chapter 8 Mental State Examination
Chapter 9 Diagnosis and Formulation
Chapter 10 Management
Chapter 11 Discussion
Appendix 1 Guide To Alternative Names For Communities
Appendix 2 A Typical Itinerary
Appendix 3 Epidemiological Surveys Of Remote Aboriginal Communities Showing Scarcity Of Anxiety Disorders
Appendix 4 Skin Names
Appendix 5 Common Interview Questions Translated Into Indigenous Languages
Appendix 6 Lexical Categories In Pintubi For Depression, Anxiety And Aggression
Appendix 7 Psychiatric Emergencies For The New, yet-to-be Published Edition, CARPA Manual
Mark Sheldon
Epilogue - Dr Bruce Sheldon
Australian Academy of Medicine and Surgery
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 Further Information Concerning this Dissertation:
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