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AIDS - Have we got it Right?

A conference organised by The Australian Doctors Fund Ltd.
Hosted by Professor Fred Hollows & ADF Chairman Dr. Bruce Shepherd
Sheraton Sydney Airport Hilton
May 14th and 15th, 1992


GO TO 1. Professor Fred Hollows (Setting the Agenda 1)
Audio File: aids_paper1_hollows_agenda.mp3 (9.754 megabytes) (no transcript available)

GO TO 2. Professor Ron Penny (Setting the Agenda 2)
Audio File: aids_paper2_penny.mp3 (6.171 megabytes) (no transcript available)

GO TO 3.Dr. John Kaldor
Associate Professor in Epidemiology and Deputy Dierctor of the National Centre for HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research
Transcript: aids_paper3_kaldor
Audio File: aids_paper3_kaldor.mp3 (8.301 megabytes)

GO TO 4.Dr Julian Gold
Director of the Albion Street Centre (Sydney AIDS Clinic)
Transcript: aids_paper4_gold
Audio File: aids_paper4_gold.mp3 (6.260 megabytes)

GO TO 5.The Hon Brian Howe MP
Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Health, Housing and Community Services (Keynote Address)
Transcript: aids_paper5_howe
Audio File: aids_paper5_howe.mp3 (8.420 megabytes)

GO TO 6.Dr Chris Brook
Chair of the Inter-Governmental Committee on AIDS (IGCA)
Transcript: aids_paper6_brook
Audio File: aids_paper6_brook.mp3 (7.596 megabytes)

GO TO 7.Associate Professor Susan Kippax
National Centre for HIV Social Research, Macquarie AIDS Research Unit Education and Prevention - Some Hits and Misses
Transcript: aids_paper7_kippax
Audio File: aids_paper7_kippax.mp3 (7.938 megabytes)

GO TO 8. Mr Don Baxter
The Real Challenge in HIV/AIDS Policy. Not: "Have we got it Right", But: "How Can we do it Better"
Transcript: aids_paper8_baxter
Audio File: aids_paper8_baxter.mp3 (8.638 megabytes)

GO TO 9. Ms Gabrielle McCarthy
Co-ordinator of People Living with AIDS (NSW)
Transcript: aids_paper9_mccarthy
Audio File: aids_paper9_mccarthy.mp3 (6.172 megabytes)

GO TO 10. Dr. Alex Wodak
Director, Alcohol and Drug Service,St. Vincent's Hospital
Preventing the Epedemic that Australia does not have to have: AIDS and Injecting Drug Users
Transcript: aids_paper10_wodak
Audio File: aids_paper10_wodak.mp3 (8.134 megabytes)

GO TO 11. Prof. Beverly Raphael
Audio File: aids_paper11_raphael.mp3 (7.621 megabytes) (no transcript available)

GO TO 12. Mr Stanley Nangala
Audio File: aids_paper12_nangala.mp3 (6.455 megabytes) (no transcript available)

GO TO 13. Professor Ron Penny
Audio File: aids_paper13_penny.mp3 (8.085 megabytes) (no transcript available)

GO TO 14. Professor Peter J. McDonald
Microbiologist and Infectious Diseases Physician
Transcript: aids_paper14_mcdonald
Audio File: aids_paper14_mcdonald.mp3 (7.282 megabytes)

GO TO 15. Professor Kincaid - Smith
Audio File: aids_paper15_kincaid_smith.mp3 (8.085 megabytes) (no transcript available)

GO TO 16. Mr John T. Rush
Counsel in the Victorian Supreme Court "Mr. PQ v. The Red Cross"
Transcript: aids_paper16_rush
Audio File: aids_paper16_rush.mp3 (7.533 megabytes)

GO TO 17.Peter Ramjan
FAI Life Insurance Society Limited - The Life Insurance Industry
Transcript: aids_paper17_ramjan
Audio File: aids_paper17_ramjan.mp3 (6.366 megabytes)

GO TO 18. Mr Paul Gross
Hospitals Contribution Fund and Director of Health Group Strategies Pty. Ltd.
Transcript: aids_paper18_gross
Audio File: aids_paper18_gross.mpg (8.229 megabytes)

GO TO 19.Professor Sydney Bell
Surveillance of HIV
Transcript: aids_paper19_bell
Audio File: aids_paper19_bell.mp3 (7.899 megabytes)

GO TO 20.Ms Jennifer Ross
Executive Director of the Haemophilia Foundation of Australia
Transcript: aids_paper20_ross
Audio File: aids_paper20_ross.mp3 (6.637 megabytes)

GO TO 21.Mrs Lorraine Ciblic
T.R.A.I.D.S. (Transfusion AIDS)
Transcript: aids_paper20_ciblic
Audio File: aids_paper21_cyblic.mp3 (4.044 megabytes)

GO TO 22. Dr Leo Laden
Audio File: aids_paper22_layden.mp3 (10.518 megabytes) (no transcript available)

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