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The Australian Academy of Medicine & Surgery exists for the following purposes: AAMS LOGO
  • To advance and promote works of clinical excellence and academic interest in all areas of medicine and surgery.
  • To facilitate communication and the dissemination of medical and scientific knowledge in order to enhance the ability of medical practitioners to treat their patients.
  • To maintain, improve, advance and promote the ethical standards, integrity and reputation of the medical profession.
  • To advance and promote the application of all forms of electronic communication including the use of the Internet in the pursuit of excellence of Australian medical and surgical practice.
  • To promote community support for medical research.

This website has been established to facilitate access to relevant medical information for doctors and their patients and in doing so advance and promote Australian Medicine.

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Membership of the Academy will be by invitation to doctors of good standing. One of the ways members will be able to participate is via the Internet or by requesting the downloading of relevant documents through the Academy office (for those members without Internet access).

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The Academy will links to other websites providing centres of excellence in areas of interest. Through the Academy we will promote the good work already established.

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Dr Shirley Prager, former Chair of the Victorian branch of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, has agreed to become our Editor of our online journal, InterMed. Dr Prager is gathering together an Editorial Board of academic and practical merit.

Dr Bruce D Shepherd
Australian Academy of Medicine & Surgery Limited

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