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General Surgery and Trauma
As well as general surgery and trauma he had a special interest in surgical hydatid disease and later embraced laparoscopic techniques for cholecystectomy and more recently pioneering laparoscopic herniorrhaphy in Sydney.

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Orthopaedic Surgeon - Master Surgeon
I well recall my first significant encounter with Bill Bryan - it would have been I969 - about lam on Saturday morning - Bill on the telephone " I would like you to come to Marrickville Hospital - I have got a I9 old Uni. student with a fractured shaft of femur and I can't feel any pulses in the leg" These were days before angiography or ultrasound- clinical acumen was required- judgement was essential - urgent action despite the hour and the inconvenience was demanded - and the young mans leg was saved.

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Psychiatrist - psychiatric services to remote Aboriginal communities
A pioneer psychiatrist with a mission to provide psychiatric services to remote Aboriginal communities, Mark died of bowel cancer in Sydney, age 33 years. In the vastness of Central Australia, Mark learnt to overcome cultural and language barriers in his dealings with indigenous people and was honoured by having an Aboriginal name bestowed upon him. Mark did have some natural advantages, his love for the land which he shared with the Aboriginal people and his early education in the Northern Territory.

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