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Title Radiation Certification of Diagnostic Imaging Apparatus (NSW)
Author Bryan Hall
AAMS Webmaster
Publication Status 1
Published: January 2002
Review Status NR
Copyright This information is offered without copyright provided that the source is acknowledged.

"The object of the (New South Wales Radiation Control Act 1990) Act is to secure the protection of persons and the environment from exposure to ionising radiation, and harmful non-ionising radiation, to the maximum extent that is reasonably practicable, taking into account social and economic factors and recognising the need for the use of radiation for therapeutic purposes." ( - 2 Jan 2002)

In NSW all diagnostic imaging (x-ray) apparatus used for medical, dental and veterinary purposes, are required to be registered. In NSW a licence is required to:

Registered x-ray imaging apparatus must be periodically inspected to ensure that safety and performance meet the mandatory requirements.

In NSW the Radiation Control Section of the NSW EPA administers the Radiation Control Act and provides administrative support to the Radiation Advisory Council. The Radiation Control Section of the NSW EPA has various responsibilities including:

The NSW EPA have prepared comprehensive information to help answer common questions relating to registration and certification of your apparatus. The EPA's helpful information covers the topic areas of:

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